About Us

Founded in 2009, CODASC Sdn. Bhd. was established to excel in Equipment Design, Machining Accuracy, Quality Assembly, and Equipment Services, fulfilling diverse customer needs. Our core focus is serving companies within the free industrial zone. In 2021, we introduced Tech Smith Company to cater strategically to Sarawak’s local demands, with a strong emphasis on Lab R&D, Innovation, and Robotics.

Functioning from Kuching, we extend our global reach by becoming a pivotal technical hub for overseas technology partners venturing into the Sarawak market. This comprehensive partnership involves assisting our counterparts in establishing operational workshops and machinery, covering aspects ranging from local transportation to workshop setup, skilled manpower deployment, fabrication, and meticulous local document handling.

Within Sarawak’s boundaries, we proudly stand as an alternative gateway to the realm of digital technology. Our accolades include pioneering work in laboratory R&D, innovation, and robotics automation. A collective of experts specializing in R&D, fabrication, robotics, and automation drive our pursuits. Our relentless commitment is rooted in consistently pushing the boundaries of digital technology, providing advanced solutions and cutting-edge instruments. A noteworthy forte is our specialized proficiency in designing PID controls for instruments.


Driven by an unwavering mission, we endeavor to seamlessly infuse robotic automation across multifarious industries, thereby automating intricate technological processes and facilitating the transfer of sophisticated technologies. Our primary goal is the creation of an alternative digital gateway that revolutionizes Sarawak’s industrial landscape, contributing significantly to a more efficient and interconnected future.


Looking ahead, our vision is characterized by becoming the epitome of an alternative digital gateway, fostering Sarawak’s economic growth. This entails transforming Kuching into a dynamic nucleus of technological advancement while embracing Sarawak’s rich cultural heritage and way of life. An essential facet of this vision is the creation of an ecosystem conducive to technology, where local talents are nurtured, and external technological expertise is drawn to Kuching. The ultimate aspiration lies in shaping the region into a beacon of unparalleled digital excellence, granting these talents the platform to thrive within Kuching and Sarawak.

With a shared passion and vision, we actively seek collaborations with organizations that resonate with our objectives. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to act as an alternative driving force, ushering in positive transformations within the realms of digital technology and automation.

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