Our Technologies

Cold Plasma Cleaning Technology

A dry cleaning technology that uses highly reactive ionized gases (plasma) to clean and prepare surfaces. Applications include semiconductor manufacturing, electronics assembly, biomedical devices, optics, aerospace, solar panel, glass and ceramics and more. It’s valuable for cleaning, sterilization, and surface preparation in various industries.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Uses high-frequency sound waves to clean objects, including delicate and complex items. Key components include a transducer converting energy to sound waves, a cleaning solution, and cavitation, which generates microjets for effective cleaning in crevices. Advantages include thorough cleaning, gentleness on delicate items, reduced need for harsh chemicals, time efficiency, and consistent results.

Air Knife Drying

A highly efficient method for removing moisture, liquids, and debris from surfaces using high-velocity air. Common in manufacturing, food processing, automotive, and electronics industries, the process involves compressed air directed through a specially designed nozzle to create a focused, uniform air stream. This air stream forms a curtain that pushes away moisture and contaminants from surfaces. Air knife systems are adjustable and energy-efficient, making them a versatile choice for various applications.


With 16 years of industrial robotics experience, we offer innovative, cutting-edge solutions. Our expertise ensures efficient project delivery, and we stay current with the latest trends, seamlessly integrating advancements into our offerings. We aim to expand the role of robotics in industrial processes, enhancing productivity. Our solutions are designed for Industry 4.0 compatibility, blending robotics with connected systems and data analysis. Let’s work together to create an automated and efficient future for your business.

Industrial 4.0

We specialize in crafting personalized Industry 4.0 solutions that align with the distinct requirements of each customer. Our offerings encompass connected systems for streamlined data acquisition and advanced analytics, IoT capabilities enabling remote control and real-time data access, web integration for user-friendly machinery management accessible via the internet, and data analytics to uncover patterns and trends for predictive maintenance strategies. These solutions enhance operational efficiency and decision-making. Contact us to explore how our tailored Industry 4.0 solutions can meet your specific needs and drive operational excellence in business.

Our Services

Machine OEM

Our OEM service offers comprehensive capabilities, including in-house design and development, a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and developers; robust manufacturing capabilities with expertise in handling various production volumes and complexities, state-of-the-art facilities, advanced machinery, and rigorous quality control measures; a commitment to quality assurance and compliance, backed by relevant certifications (ISO, GMP, etc.) and a strong track record in delivering high-quality products; and cost efficiency and scalability, leveraging cost advantages through expertise and economies of scale, and offering flexibility to adapt to changing production needs.


We offer precision CNC machining for high-quality parts, laser cutting for accurate material processing, industrial plastic fabrication tailored to diverse applications, 3D printing for rapid prototyping and complex designs, industrial piping and plumbing solutions, and comprehensive mechanical design services to turn ideas into functional systems.


We provide PLC programming for customized automation, SCADA systems for real-time process visibility and control, connected systems to foster seamless communication, IoT solutions for smart device integration, cloud and web services for remote access, and data analytics.


Partnering with Sarawak Skills, we provide HRDF-certified training in robotics, PLC, and PC programming. Elevate your skills through our comprehensive programs. Immerse in robotics, PC, and PLC systems, gaining hands-on expertise for diverse opportunities in the dynamic tech realm.

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